About us


At PREMIER interiors, we design offices, residence and commercial spaces. We are architects and the implementation team in one so we will handle everything from the first stroke of pen till the last nail to the wall. We cooperate with experienced craftsmen and a wide range of quality suppliers from the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to this, we always provide interiors you will fall in love with not only at first sight, but also at the second, third, and even many years later. Our rules are:

  1. We create interiors
    that are original and stylish.

    They are beautiful, comfortable and fully functional.

  2. Everything makes sense
    from the very beginning.

    We won't let you waste your time on designs that exceed building limits or your budget.

  3. You will be happy
    to cooperate with us.

    And not only you, but also the suppliers and owners of the building. We do our best to meet the customer's satisfaction.