Digital & Printed Interiors. Mentions in 2020

Are you looking for an interesting architectural platform? Get inspired by taking a look at the features on our interior studio for the last year.

Victoriano Tailor’s Shop at

Retail interiors: Victoriano tailor’s shop in Prague


The editors of the Czech magazine discuss and write about remarkable architecture, design and public space. In August, they published an article on the Victoriano tailor’s shop in Prague entitled “Dingy Interior of a 1906 Building Came Back to Life. The Architect Turned It into a Modern Salon”, revealing the inspiration behind the interior and the elements of historicism it reflects..


Platform for Office Connoisseurs:

Interiors of PKV offices in Brno


Officelovin’ is an online platform for office architecture and design. The prestigious website showcases the best designs from all over the world. The featured offices include those of Airbnb, Dropbox, HBO or Spotify. In November, PKV joined these companies as its new interiors designed by PREMIER interiors appeared in the article “A Look Inside PKV’s New Brno Office”. It includes an extensive photo gallery allowing you to “walk through” the offices room by room. The same can be found on the professional platform, which also lists the products used.


Interior of the Year Published in Print

The Best of Interiors: 2019 Catalogue


Although the organisers had to postpone the Interior of the Year’s finals, the competition eventually reached its end. A printed catalogue was published immediately after, summarising the best of interior design in 2019. It features two PREMIER interiors projects: Kleis and Victoriano.

The PDF file is freely available HERE.



We would like to thank all the magazines for the space dedicated to our projects.